#LearnwithToykraft - Art and Craft
This section will teach your child how to do things with Toykraft products!
Glass Painted Design Coasters
Learn to make 6 very beautiful coasters with this simple DIY kit for kids and aduls
Mould & Paint - Baking Delight
Learn to make these fake cookies and cup cakes using Plaster of Paris & fool your friends and family.
Amazing Albums
Learn to make 3 photo albums from this art and craft kit. Add pictures ... gift it ... store it !
Terracotta Tinkles
Learn to paint and assemble a beautiful terracotta wind chime.
Shellbound 1
Make 3 amazing decorative articles using seashells from this art and craft kit.
Paper Quilling Jewellery Making
Make your own range of beautiful & wearable Jewellery design using this easy-to-make art and craft kit !
Sand & Sequin Pictures - Ponies
Make dazzling Ponies, unicorns etc using coloured sand and sequin. Decorate your room once completed.
Mould & Paint - Under Water Sea Animals
Perfect the art of moulding using POP and painting. Decorate your fridge with these handmade sea animals !
Unicorn Pinata
Make a Unicorn Pinata for your next birthday party. Stuff with goodies and have a blasst with your friends!
#LearnwithToykraft - Origami 
Learn from the basic fold to advanced Origami in these series of videos
Origami Fox and Wild Boar
Learn to make an Origami Fox and Wild Boar with this step-by-step video.
Origami Lion & Elephant
Learn to make an Origami Lion and Elephant
Make an Origami Peacock and Giraffe
Step-by-step instructions to make an Origami Peacock and Giraffe.
Make an Origami Zebra & Panther
Learn to make an origami Zebra and Panther with this amazing paper craft kit
Make an Origami Gibbon
Learn to make a paper Gibbon in this video
Basic Origami Folds
Learn the basic folds of Origami in this video
Check out our range of educational puzzles through this series of videos
My First Puzzles - Aqua
See how simple 2-pcs puzzles can teach your toddler about animals and also build their motor skills
The Alphabet Pizza
Explore this multiplay learning toy through this video. Learn the Alphabets in a total new way !
#LearnwithToykraft - STEM Toys
A range of must have STEM toys
Pirate Ship - STEM Toy - Mechanics made simple
Make the Pirate ship in this step-by-step video by Sayan - a construction and STEM hobbyist.
Sea Plane
Watch this Step-by-step video and learn to make this Amazing Sea Plane. Take your STEM learning to the next level.
StarWars - X-Wing Fighter
Learn to make the X-Wing fighter from our hobbyist Mr. Sayan from Kolkotta.
STEM Toy - Cranes
Hobbyist Mr. Sayan teaches us a step-by-step guide to make this beautiful and functional crane.
StarWars Millenium Falcon
Making of the legendary Millenium Falcon by one of our hobbyist Mr. Sayan from Kolkotta.
Awesome Strawsome
Make 3D models with plastic straws and connectors with this range of STEM toys
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