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BrandToykraftt TypeBoard Games Ideal ForUnisex Development SkillsProblem Solving ContentsGame Board 1 Player figures in different colours 6 Plastic bases for players: 6 Numbered Planks in 6 colours and 6 different sizes Stones to support the planks for building the bridges: 27 Large Pawn: 1 Action Cards: 78 Instruction sheet
Objective Players take positions in villages on different islands. They have to cross the delta and the game ends when one player reaches back to the home village after crossing to the village on the opposite island. Action cards Coloured Actions cards are taken by the players as per the coloured figures. They depict the course of actions like placing 1 or 2 stones on islands, placing 1 or 2 planks on stones, removing 1 stone or 1 plank, moving over 1 plank, jumping over a player and blocking the next move of a particular player. Gameplay Players start by selecting 5 action cards which are placed face down next to another as per a pre-determined sequence, Actions by players which correspond to moves on the board are performed by all players by opening one card at a time. The round is complete when all 5 cards are opened. Play continues in the next rounds by repeating this sequence and moving the large pawn to decide who starts the action sequence. Game strategy The choice of block cards is an important part of game plan. When more than one block card is opened by players the blocked actions get nullified. Players predict their opponent’s moves and figure out the best strategy to obstruct their moves. The selection and sequence of the action cards are based on this