Rock Painting Dot Mandala

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BrandToykraft TypeToy Craft Kits Ideal ForUnisex Age Group7 years ContentsRiver pebbles: 6 Paints in chain pack: 18 Toothpicks: 1 packet Cotton buds: 1 packet Wooden dowels: 6 Instruction manual
  • Dot painting has its probable origins as an aboriginal art practised in Australia and a Mandala is actually a Sanskrit word which means a circle or collection - representing the universe. Some of the most stunning painted rock designs are based on Dot Mandalas and can be delved even by young kids besides providing an artistic platform for professionals as well.
  • Creating Dot Mandalas incorporates elements of symmetry and geometry. You learn about circles, angles, beams and spatial relationship. When you have created a beautiful Mandala, you have also enhanced your STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills.
  • The dotted Mandala stones can be used as paper weights or as design décor in and around the house. You are bound to receive awe and admiration for your work, besides having gained artistically, spiritually and analytically leading to development of both sides of your brain.