Woollen Rag Doll

About the product

The rag doll is noted for its sweet disposition, charming personality, comfortable and an amazingly durable constitution. She is lovable, huggable, a soft darling and attractive in her own way.

The best and easy way to make a rag doll is to dress her up with a bright variety of colours in WOOL. In this kit, 2 STUFFED DOLLS are already provided making it easier for the child to dress up these dolls.

Different combinations of coloured wool give these rag dolls a spectacular and versatile look. To top it up, making rag doll hair is very exciting and a most rewarding experience. Your newly made rag doll needs to have a personality and what better way to achieve this than with the hairstyles!

Once complete, these dolls look really amazing and make heads turn, catching the attention of many an admirer!

Woollen Rag Doll

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