Warli is a traditional Indian folk art wherein white paint is used to make simple lines and shapes – triangles, circles and squares on a brown surface resulting in mind-blowing pictures. This valuable Warli kit introduces young children to traditional Indian Warli Art.

A set of jigsaw puzzles introduces the child to this wonderful folk art. While putting together the pieces to form beautiful Warli art pictures, they learn the basic form.

The child can paint a double photo frame and two cut-out displays with Warli art motifs.

Warli art can be extended to terracotta pots resulting in some amazing creations.

This is a real Warli art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience.


SKU: 39625
  1. Terracotta pots: 2
  2. Double photo frame: 1
  3. Acrylic paint (flesh tint): 1 bottle
  4. Paint Brush: 1
  5. Tempera paints: chain pack of 7 colours
  6. Jigsaw puzzle sets: 2
  7. Art Puzzle book
  8. Instruction manual





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