This kit popularizes an Indian traditional art which can be learned by even children. This exciting and
simplistic art is brought to your doorstep in which you can make home-utility products - picture frame,
table-mats and coasters.

To lend authenticity to the original art-form the colour of the paper matches the brown colour used by the
Warli community and the white paint substitutes for the rice-gum based paint. As the application is over a
smaller area, the instruments used are a fine brush and white pencil instead of the crude bristled end of
a wooden stick. Youngsters will immediately identify with Warli considering that it uses the simple shapes
- lines, triangles, circles and squares. Iteration of the human form helps them to achieve perfection and
generate the popular Warli human chain. The detailed Warli book provided in the kit will fuel their
imagination to create their own pictures.

After completing the kit the child can proudly use the creations on the dining table and celebrate with
near and dear ones.


SKU: 39432
  1. Coloured card paper for table mats: 4
  2. Coloured card paper for coasters: 4
  3. Coloured card paper for wall hanging: 1
  4. White paint: 1 bottle
  5. Paint brush: 1
  6. White pencil: 1
  7. Warli book
  8. Instructions manual





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