Vegetable Delite - 120 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 4 5 6 - Learn All About Vegetables

About the Product:

  • The puzzles provide an appropriate level of challenge for children of 5 years. Veggie Delight is a rich educational source about the subject of vegetables communicated to the child as a puzzle play option.
  • It contains 120 jigsaw puzzle pieces and provides a closer insight into 20 vegetables as a 6 piece puzzle set. Four puzzle pieces make up the tree and the other two pieces show the whole vegetable and how it looks when cut.
  • All the puzzle pieces are all the same size with common jigsaw puzzle cuts. The child is able to make all the puzzle sets with unique coloured edges for each set. Because of this feature in the jigsaw puzzle, it enables multi-probe and plays possibilities.
  • As a first play theme provided in the instruction manual, children fit together the puzzle pieces of all the vegetables, cut-vegetables and the trees.                
  • Children can then assemble the picture of the vegetable plant which is each a four-piece jigsaw. The plants can then be arranged as a vegetable plantation
  • Children can be further asked to join only green vegetables just by looking at the colours - Bitter gourd, Cluster beans, Cucumber, Broccoli, Peas, Lay�s fingers, Cabbage and Spinach.
  • Vegetables which grow underground -just by looking at the picture puzzles such as Beetroot, Carrot, Onion, Potato and Turnip
  • Vegetables which go into a salad or can be eaten raw such as Cucumber, Beetroot, Lettuce etc.
  • Parents can also join 2 (whole and cut-out vegetable) out four pieces and ask the child to complete the puzzle by identifying the puzzle pieces for the tree and putting them together.
  • This educational aid helps in focusing on the problem at hand and seek the solution. Children understand the concept of trial and error and probe and play. The puzzles provide hands-on learning. They provide a foundation stone towards instilling curiosity to know more. Once solved, they improve self-esteem and confidence in the child. Being thematic they improve the child�s knowledge on the subject.

Vegetable Delite - 120 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 4 5 6 - Learn All About Vegetables

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