toykraft alphabet learning game
  • BEYOND THE ABCs: The Alphabet Pizza is a fun and interesting way of learning letter in the English alphabet. Apart from learning the lowercase and uppercase alphabet, children also learn to identify & make sets of fruits, sea, farm, jungle animals, birds, insects, parts of the body, flowers, musical instruments, vehicles and much more
  • PERFECT FOR KINDERGARTEN: In a self-correcting colour and a unique jigsaw puzzle format, Toykraft's “The Alphabet Pizza” enables a child to learn the letters both in lowercase and uppercase, while developing his/her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • CREATIVE PLAY: Apart from recognizing and learning the letters of the Alphabet a child can group all the common objects thus expanding their language the alphabet and more… vocabulary through play.
  • INSTIL STEM LEARNING: This Toykraft's alphabet game consists of as many as 156 pieces! These can be arranged into multiple formations helping children to understand concepts beyond the Alphabet. These include spatial awareness and to make interesting formations. The multiple connectivity options are made possible by a common unique jigsaw cut. Any of the 156 jigsaw pieces can be connected to one another due to this feature.
  • WHO CAN PLAY & LEARN?: Children of ages 3 & above. Ideal for kindergarten & preschool learning. The game includes a guide book for parents and teachers.

Toykraft - The Alphabet Pizza - Learning Game for Kindergarten & preschool

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