The 8 terracotta faces provided portray different faces of Indian folk - what with their myriad turbans and
moustaches and beards. They can be painted appropriately to transform them into typical Indian folk
communities. After mounting the magnets, these spectacular displays can be put on the fridge to portray
the diversity of the Indian people.

This kit also enables you to make a fun family portrait. There are 4 terracotta faces constituting the family
– father, mother, son and daughter. When painted the family comes alive just waiting to be put up. They
can be affixed on the wooden panel (provided in the kit) to achieve a final and forever bonding.

The 2 terracotta pots can be painted with the mix of acrylic and metallic paints to give some very
outstanding vases. Create your own beautiful pots using geometric, floral, and abstract or any other
designs. These fabulous pots can be used as flower vases, stationery holders or on the kitchen counter
to house knives, or gas lighter etc...

All in all, Terracotta Bonanza provides you a rich brew of terracotta painting and hobby activity.


SKU: 39507
  1. Terracotta faces for fridge magnets: 8
  2. Terracotta family faces : 4
  3. Terracotta pots: 2
  4. Magnets: 8
  5. Adhesive :1
  6. Wooden panel: 1
  7. Acrylic paint (skin tint): 1
  8. Acrylic paint (golden): 1
  9. Tempera paints : 6 colours
  10. Paint brush: 1
  11. Instruction manual





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