Super Shapes - 40 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 4 5 6 - Learn Shapes For Preschoolers

About this Product

  • These are 2 piece puzzles in which the child becomes familiar with as many as 20     different shapes. The puzzles provide the starting point for solving puzzles for children. They provide an appropriate level of challenge for children of + 36 months.    
  • They provide hands-on learning. Children improve gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. While solving them the child develops patience and improves concentration. The puzzles provide a foundation stone instilling curiosity to know more.
  • They are colour matching self-correcting puzzles. The child also gets familiar with     20 different shades of colours and shapes. They are a great way to encourage your child into problem-solving. Children learn about shapes in a fun manner as all the shapes are animated.
  • After learning about these 20 shapes the child can create new shapes as well. This is possible as there is a common jigsaw edge for all the puzzle pairs. Further learning and play activity are provided by making new shape forms - as many as 380 can be made by different permutations and combinations.
  • This unique probe and play give the child a long association with this concept. There are more challenges when shapes are created similar to common objects.
  • The puzzle also incorporates gameplay where the child has to quickly match different forms with the right puzzle combos. Once solved they improve self-esteem and confidence in the child.

Super Shapes - 40 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 4 5 6 - Learn Shapes For Preschoolers

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