Sudoku puzzle game for kids ages 3 and above

About the product

The Sudoku craze has taken the world by a storm. Sudoku is a seriously addictive, deceptively simple looking square grid composed of nine squares each subdivided into nine smaller squares. The object is to fill the grids so that each of the numbers 1 through 9 appears once in each smaller square and once in each row and column. The puzzle comes with a certain number of spaces already filled and one has to complete the rest. The puzzles range in complexity from relatively easy to fiendishly difficult depending on the number of spaces filled initially and also the filled positions. For each SUDOKU example some of the numbers 1 to 9 are already located in the grids and the same numbered tiles need to be placed in the corresponding locations. The balance empty grids need to be filled with appropriate numbered tiles for solving the SUDOKU � Puzzles on a platter!


Advantages of SUDOKU on this platform

Two or more players can solve the same SUDOKU.

Penciling, linking resulting in illegibility or ink-blotches is avoided.

Blank tiles can accommodate multiple numbers.

When one goes wrong, the entire SUDOKU is not destroyed � just change the tile.

Blank tiles make puzzle � solving simpler.

Understanding solutions and tracing back is possible only on this platform.

Great teaching-aid for solving more complicated SUDOKUs.

Good for beginners as the grids and tiles are larger in size.

Elimination and what-if possibilities can be handled

Only on the SUDOKU �Puzzles on a Platter.



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