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Paper quilled embellishments are gaining in popularity as stylized statements for low cost artificial jewellery. These look amazing because of the diversity of colours which can be used for the paper-quilled décor. More importantly, the personalized items make a style statement by the wearer and attract eyeballs and compliments.


In this kit simple utilities used on the hair are provided. These include hair bands, hair combs, small tic-tac (spring-action) hair clips and larger snap-fit hair clips. Using the paper quilling techniques described in the booklet, the hobbyist in you can make a diverse range of quilled designs which can be attached to the clips and bands. You will get raving compliments when you wear these stylish hair attire.


Stylish Hair Bands & Hair Clips

SKU: 39600
  • Coloured Paper quilling strips (5 mm): 100
  • Coloured Paper quilling strips (3 mm): 100
  • Paper quilling tool: 1
  • Paper quilling comb: 1
  • Tic-tac clips: 6
  • Hair bands: 2
  • Snap-fit Clip: 1
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Glitter glue: 1
  • Gem stones: 1 packet
  • Circular clip inserts: 16
  • Instruction Manual: 2





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