Spell & Sound - Phonics learning aid for kids
  • This educational puzzle compilation provides the foundation for teaching a child how to spell.
  • It scores on all grounds in providing a visual, kinesthetic and auditory platform. The puzzle uses phonetics, to enhancing the child�s spelling memory.
  • Forty words are shown in pictures as two-piece jigsaw puzzle pairs. Fun, interesting and appealing�.each �blend� is shaped like a vehicle board. There are 10 large vehicle boards, each with four empty slots. At the driver�s seat of each vehicle is a child holding a banner of the word blend� (2 consonants combined and 2 sounds are heard - gr, cr, fl, bl, tr, dr, pl) or digraphs (2 consonants combined and 1 sound is heard - ch, wh, sh)
  • The Puzzle Activity involves the child recognising the speech sound and then trying to form pictures with a pair of jigsaw pieces. The puzzle activity involves making four pictures by matching jigsaw piece pairs for each word sounds. These are inserted in the appropriate vehicles within the empty slots.
  • The format of this game allows for a lot of creativity while teaching. Adapting gameplay in a song manner gives an entirely new dimension to it engaging rhyme and great auditory and visual recall.
  • By regular play, the child would have become accustomed to the spelling and can associate the same with the sound.
  • Children can extend learning with more play possibilities and may form more words or play a memory game as well.
  • In the long run, the child masters the phonics understood the words and associates the spelling and sound of the word.
  • With a little more prompting the child is encouraged to making up a sentence. The puzzle set provides the foundation to this next level of reading and comprehending complete, correct sentences.

Sound & Spell - 80 Self Correcting Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 5 6 7 - Learn to Spell

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