WHAT DO WE MAKE? - This Toykraft do-it-yourself shell craft kit has all the material that is needed to make 3 desktop articles –a seashell DIY photo frame, a seashell DIY mirror & seashell mosaic pictures. The seashells provided in the kit are natural. The most amazing part about shells is their diversity- in shape, size, colour and in texture. A shell enthusiast can be wonderstruck by nature's beauty in such diversity. 


WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? – This art & craft activity kit contains a picture frame, 3 cutouts for mosaics, a mirror stand, an acrylic mirror, craft glue, 6 varieties of natural shells & an instruction manual. 


HOW TO MAKE IT? – First, outline with pencil the mosaic design on the selected article and place the shells accordingly. once you are satisfied, apply glue and then just stick the shells as per your design. Use the same method for the other articles.


WHAT DO WE LEARN? – This seashell mosaic activity kit offers a perfect alternative fun way to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills, and using their imagination. Kids get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more. While doing this mosaic art activity, kids learn basic concepts of spatial arrangement yielding aesthetic and beautiful results.


IDEAL GIFT – This Toykraft art & craft seashells activity will really take you by surprise on the final outcome. An ideal gift for children who love to spend their time creatively. Children can use the completed articles also as gifts.


SKU: 39443
  1. Board Cut-outs : 7
  2. Mirror (Child-safe) : 1
  3. Adhesive : 2
  4. Display stands : 2
  5. Shells: Assorted
  6. Instruction Manual





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