Product Description:

  • The most amazing part about shells is their diversity- in shape, size, colour and in texture. A shell enthusiast can be wonderstruck by nature's beauty in such diversity.
  • One can create mosaic patterns out of shell arrangements to adorn the walls, shell-adorned objects such as photo-frames, mirrors, storage boxes, stationary-holders, vases and a host of other products.
  • This kit provides an omnibox of creativity with shells. Assortments of shells have been specially selected for this kit. The size and shapes of these shells lend themselves well to making designs on flat or even curved surfaces. Using the adhesive provided in the kit the shells can be also stuck to one another to make some fantastic photo frames
  • The finished products can be used to house the best pictures which you can display in vantage positions in and around the house.
  • While doing this activity, you learn basic concepts of spatial arrangement yielding aesthetic and beautiful results. This activity kit gives you a sense of accomplishment. You are inspired to pursue other art and craft projects.


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