This kit is quite an ultimate in providing an omnibus of creative activities with shells.

Eleven assortments of shells have been specially selected for this kit.

The sizes and shapes of these shells lend themselves well to making designs on flat or even curved

Other components provided in the kit allow you to extend the hobby activity to a new high.

You can make some great presentation gift boxes, attractive utility items like stationery/toiletry/kitchen
utility holders, photo frames, and a rich brew of fridge magnets.

The shells combined with clay can also be stuck to one another to make some fantastic 3- Dimensional
objects. This kit provides an assortment of large shells as well so that the children can also create their
own shell sculptures. The models shown on the box serve as leads.

Now you can shell-shock many an admirer with these fabulous creations!


SKU: 39509
  1. Shells: assortment
  2. Photo frame: 1
  3. Boxes: 2
  4. Magnets: 8
  5. Terracotta pots: 2
  6. Adhesive: 2
  7. Clay: 1 packet
  8. Spatula: 1
  9. Instruction Manual





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