This kit carries the Madhubani art form and has been specially created to stimulate the interests of the
child in the rich art culture of India.
All the pictures carry decorative double-line borders and semi-detailed interiors offering ample scope to
express artistic talent.
Hobbyists have a choice of both - line-work or filling sand in the empty spaces.
Uniformly-meshed coloured sand is offered in 8 bright eye-catching colours.
The sand density plays an important role in the final work.
The completed sand art pictures shown on the box cover can serve as valuable leads Once the child has
completed these sand art pictures, it would be a great idea to picture-frame some of them.


SKU: 39446
  1. Printed templates: 5
  2. Sand: 8 colours
  3. Adhesive: 1
  4. Funnel: 1
  5. Spatula: 1
  6. Marker Pen: 1
  7. Illustrated book
  8. Instruction manual





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