Toykraft Sand Art Rangoli Mandalas for kids

Rangolis and Mandalas are both originally Indian festival art forms - they are both derived from Sanskrit words. Rangoli is a Hindu folk art, generally created on the floor on special festive occasions and used to decorate the entrances of homes as a floor-painting.


Rangolis and Mandala designs are vivid art and craft forms seen as beautiful two-dimensional designs.


This craft kit makes use of coloured sand of a uniform mesh and craft glue for creating the Mandala or Rangoli designs. The patterns are not done on the floor but on stiff card paper. The template designs are simple circular geometric patterns and have been especially created for children.   


Eight different coloured sand are provided along glitter and craft glue. Adhesive glue serves to bind the sand on the picture and is applied on the inset area using a brush. Glitter is used to highlight border and boundaries in the picture.


Sand art is an art form which can be preserved, presented or displayed for years to come.

Sand Art Rangoli - Mandalas

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