Safarikiki is a fun and fast action-packed game - with very realistic animal sounds!

The sounds of the Gorilla, Elephant, Lion, Zebra, Snake, Goat, Wolf, Woodpecker, Owl, Hawk, Frog and the Bee need to be recognized by players who almost go wild trying to be first ones to do so. Their objective is to spot and place the animal cards quickly on the appropriate locations on the board after hearing their sounds.

The audio CD provided in the kit reproduces these sounds in quick succession in a random and repeat mode so players are always on the alert. To add to the confusion and drama are the random Drumbeat and a Thunderstorm sounds wherein players duck for cover by making tents from the cards or penalize other players who are leading the pack!

This is a great game for both kids and adults. It is also a fantastic party game and more the players, more raucous and rowdy is the entertainment!



Game board: 1

Animal cards: 96

(corresponding to 12 animals)

Storm cards: 5

Audio CD: 1

Instruction manual


SKU: 39730





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