Quilling is the art of creating designs with narrow strips of paper that have been wound around a quilling tool. Basic shapes are first made which are glued together and arranged to form all kinds of patterns and designs. Most quilling is done with variations of basic rolls and scrolls. As a starter hobby, quilling is great for children as it provides both – an expression of creativity, at the same time instills patience and concentration.

Popular shapes created from paper coils include flowers, leaves, ornate scrolls and abstract patterns. These have been used extensively in the designs described here.

In this kit all the components for Quilling as well as Craft work are provided. So the hobby enthusiast makes both – the crafted articles as well as the quilled designs. The final products are very usable and are good to gift as well. 

These include the following:

Two fancy envelopes

Two greeting cards

Pot-pourii gift bag

Twin Photo frame

Oval gift box

Mini desk-top picture frame

Paper Quilling is making a big comeback as a popular craft activity – both with professional crafters and also children. Quilling is still an excellent way to adorn scrapbooks, wedding and party invitations, greeting cards, gift tags, picture frames and much more.

Quilled Creation

SKU: 549

Twin photo-frame: 1
Mount board cut-outs (oval): 2
Mount board cut-out (foldable) : 1
Plain cards: 2
Creased paper for envelopes: 2
Pre-scored card cut-outs: 2
Colour paper: 4
Corrugated board: 6
Gemstones: 1 packet
Craft card: 2
Ribbon: 1
Paper quilling tool: 1
Paper quilling strips 3mm: 350
Paper quilling strips 7mm: 10
Adhesive: 1
Instruction for quilling: 1





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