As the name indicates this offering allows the hobbyist to make some spectacular cards. The lucky receivers of these seeing-is-believing greeting cards will be quite thrilled and will treasure them as mementoes.


All the components are provided to make three amazing cards.


These are:

  • Twist and Pop-up card

  • Pop-up box card

  • Surprise box card


The designs shown on the box cover indicate a congratulatory card, get-well card and birthday card. More thematic cut-outs are provided in the kit so the cards serve other occasions as well.


There is also scope to journal messages so that you can give the cards a personal touch.


Pop-up Box Card

SKU: 39760
  • Card pre-scored: 9
  • Card: 1
  • Pattern paper: 12
  • Paper quilling strip: 15
  • Card cut-out (thematic): 6
  • Felt pen: 3
  • Adhesive glue:1
  • Paper stem: 3
  • Sheet for envelope: 2
  • OHP sheet: 2
  • Instruction Manual





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