Make baby album of 1 year

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Making a photo album of a baby's first years is a most thrilling experience and the very thought can excite anyone. What comes to mind is how one makes it very special and extraordinary - one which can be cherished down memory lane over generations.


You probably have a big stash of photos and other materials that you want to organize in your album. You can rough in your photo placements and plan everything including the placement of all embellishments or other decorative bits.


In this special scrapbooking kit are the most creative ideas for customizing the pages and cover of the photo album to make it more personal. Not just an album - but as a story book to recall all the events through special memorabilia. This will be appreciated by your family and friends. You can make it even more extraordinay with customized d�cor depending on the collection that is put together.

Instructions are provided in detail - right from making the album cover, the album spine, pages, inserts, pockets to tags.


Your final work looks and feels like an object of art and not just an album.



Photo Album - First Years

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