PENTOMINOES toys for kids ages 7 and above

About the product

Pentominoes is the set of shapes created by combining 5 squares or cubes, with faces touching each other, in every possible combination. Children are exposed to basic concepts of mathematics and geometry while working with these 12 pieces.

They open new vistas to logic, experimentation, trial and error, problem solving, spatial awareness, and symmetry concepts resulting in deeper thought process and brain development.

The puzzling pentominoes has been especially compiled for juniors with more than 300 examples into making animals, birds, Chess pieces, transport vehicles, articles, objects, trees, dwellings, faces, figures and motifs, The Alphabet and numbers, designs, and symmetrical patterns.

Every pentomino puzzle is a rich and rewarding experience, in fact an ultimate brain-teasing trip. One can play with the puzzles solo or with friends or even as combined group activity. Either ways, they are mind-stimulators and be warned, highly addictive!



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