This educational game encourages children to use their intelligence, logic and spatial skills to arrange two shapes called pentominoes to create a specific form, shape which resemble familiar objects. Pentominoes (12 shapes in all) use five squares joined together with at least one common side.


The pentomino activities nurture a healthy attitude towards mathematics and science and can be considered as truly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), promote an atmosphere of cooperation, support the development of the problem-solving process and supply spatial-ability skill exercises.


Benefits the child by:

Improving visual identification

Imparting knowledge

Encouraging logical thinking

Face challenges and being competitive

Enhancing memory skills

Training in cognitive and observation skills

Enhancing spatial awareness

Correlating and deducing

Problem solving skills

Improving manual dexterity

Improving matching and sorting skills

Probing and experimenting

Providing practical hands-on learning




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