Paper Quilling Pencil Tops & Finger Puppets for kids ages 5 and above

About the product

The bird and animal Kingdom have always been a source of delight for children. Of late there has been a public outcry for protection of threatened animal species and the topic has been given due diligence in the children's school curriculum. This very useful paper quilling kit provides the necessary impetus in children to love these animal forms.


Finger puppets are a great teaching aid and can be used with children of all ages as educational needs. Finger puppets are great for storytelling and almost every animal story can be animated with them. One can create as many as 10 fabulous quilled-animals with 3 dimensional quills using the components provided in the kit. These models can be then inserted on the fingers and they serve as fantastic teaching aids for small children.


Paper quilled models serve also as a great idea for pencil tops simply because the dimensions of 3- dimensional quilled items are quite small and so fit this size very well. The cavity in the model fits snugly on the pencil top. In this kit, the avid paper quilling hobbyist gets an opportunity to make as many as 12 amazing 3D birds. When these are capped on pencils and displayed on a stationery holder, they are bound to create a sensation! All the birds look very content perched atop the pencils and you feel so happy at this bird-watching exercise.

Paper Quilling Pencil Tops & Finger Puppets

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