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Paper quilled models serve as a great hobby idea for pencil tops as dimensions of 3-D quilled items are similar. The cavity in the model fits snugly on the pencil top. In this kit, the hobbyist gets an opportunity to make as many as 10 amazing 3D birds. The method of making different types of quilled coils, quilled cups and cones is provided in the book in the kit. When you mount all these birds on your pencils and display them on your stationery holder, you are bound to create a sensation! The birds look very content perched atop the pencils.

Paper Quilling - Pencil Tops

SKU: 39534
  • Multi coloured strips (5mm): 200
  • Multi coloured strips (3mm): 20
  • Quilling Tool: 1
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Quilling comb: 1
  • Pencil caps: 10
  • Paper quilling book
  • Instruction manual





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