Paper Quilling - Craft for Girls Ages 7 8 9 - Learn the craft of Paper Quilling
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  • Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping and bending thin strips of paper into delicate looking shapes and using these pieces to form a design. Most shapes are made with just a few variations of basic rolls and scrolls.
  • Once the individual shapes have been created, they are arranged on a board or piece of paper. The pieces are then glued in a mosaic-like fashion, making a picture out of several smaller shapes.
  • In this kit are contained all the components required to make 6 paper quilled greeting cards and book markers. These include the coloured paper strips, adhesive, paper quilling tool, greeting cards and instructions sheet. The child will get practice at following instructions, increasing manual dexterity, and produce fun and decorative end-products.
  • Paper Quilling finds usage in decorated wedding invitations, birth announcements, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, boxes �. and more.
  • The comprehensive booklet on Paper Quilling will guide the Hobbyist in this Artwork. The book will guide the hobbyist into making different coil shapes such as tight coils and loose coils in assorted shapes like teardrop, marquise, heart etc. Other shapes include V shape, feelers, contoured peg, open heart, tendril, S shape, leaf, oval, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle. These shapes can be further modified by pinching corners or flattening the loose coils. Also described are methods to make paper quilled scrolls and fringe flowers. While doing this creative kit as a hobby craft the child develops cognitive and motor skills. The craft provides a great platform for creating expressive and instils self-confidence. It also offers avenues for exploration by making the child think out of the box. The craft activity also improves concentration and patience. Children get a sense of achievement when they complete the DIY activity. This activity also encourages socio-emotional development as it can be done with others as well. Most importantly the craft instils an understanding of spatial skills during arrangement of designs and shapes.

Paper Quilling - Craft for Girls Ages 7 8 9 - Learn the craft of Paper Quilling

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