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Paper quilling is a favourite among crafters as it can be initiated with easily available and inexpensive material. There are endless ideas and crafts projects which you can create with some simple and basic shapes. You can adopt this hobby or encourage your kids to learn this amazing and creative craft. Quilling is a hobby that children can pursue by themselves.


Quilling is the art of creating designs with narrow strips of paper that have been wound around a quill or quilling tool to create a basic shape. The basic shapes are glued together and arranged to form all kinds of creative and interesting designs. Nearly all the quilling is done with just a few variations of basic rolls and scrolls, so it is very easy to start quilling and making your own piece of craft/art. The basic quilling manual provided in the kit will help you in making these shapes.


Paper quilling made Savvy enables you to make as many as 12 utility items with as many as 1000 strips provided in this kit.


These include a basket, a serving bowl, gift boxes, a vase a design coaster, fancy envelopes and decorative T-lights.

Paper Quilled Made Savvy

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