Origami - Under Sea World - Craft for Kids Ages 7 8 9

About the product

  • This Origami offering is a fascinating and creative craft for 5+-year-old kids, as they can make origami models appropriate to their age. Children get a real sense of satisfaction out of making these Origami sea creatures. By doing so  children will get practice at following instructions, increasing manual dexterity, and produce fun and decorative end-products
  • Origami Under Sea World is a perfect hobby for young children because it not only teaches hand and eye coordination, but it also helps a child to develop a sense of concentration. When a child has finished making this project, they have a toy to play with which they�ve made themselves.
  • In this DIY kit, 42 Origami sheets are provided in varying sizes according to the dimensions of the sea creatures. The comprehensive illustrated book provided in the kit guides the Origami enthusiast into making 13 different sea animals and fish. These include Angelfish, Crab and King Crab, Killer and Fountain Whale, Moorish idol, Tropical and Goldfish, Dolphin, Shark, Turtle and Crawfish.
  • The child can make multiple models of each. Also provided are Card cut-outs which can be stuck as a craft activity for the child to yield a waterless aquarium of a coral reef. The completed Origami models can be placed and stuck at various positions in the diorama.
  • Children, in particular, find it fascinating, being able to fold a piece of paper into various shapes and figures, considering they are not yet able to draw. Converting a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional model is an achievement by itself. Furthermore, it helps them to develop their creative skills and it also helps them to relax. Origami Under Sea World provides them with an opportunity to sit quietly and peacefully while making the fish models, and this in itself helps to establish a sense of balance in their life.
  • Origami is useful in developing STEM skills by providing Maths application. Origami folding inadvertently improves understanding of ratios, fractions, geometry topics such as angles, area and volume. Also, many aspects of congruence, tessellations and logic are also learnt.

Origami - Under Sea World - Craft for Kids Ages 7 8 9

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