Origami Jungle To Deep Sea full set for kids ages 5 and above

About the product

The jungle and deep sea animals have always been a topic of great interest and intrigue among children. In pursuit of colonization, man has ruthlessly killed these species for personal gains. There has been ever-increasing public outcry targeted at protection of threatened animal species. This topic has been given due importance in the children's school curriculum. This kit provides a stimulus for concern of animals in children.


A rich brew of Origami just beckons to be unfolded by paper folding and mastering the techniques. Two detailed illustrated books with folding instructions provided in the kit help the child in making these lovable creatures.


They can then showcase the completed Origami animals in 2 vivid and realistic dioramas. The jungle and deep sea coral reef dioramas are constructed by pasting together stiffened cardboard cut-out sheets provided in this pack.


Make a fabulous collection of Origami jungle friends and a fantastic set of Origami sea creatures in their natural habitat unlike any you've ever seen!


Origami Jungle To Deep Sea

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