Origami Fashion Studio for kids ages 5 and above

About the product

Now you can indulge in your 'Passion for Fashion' with this Origami kit complete with stand-up fashion models as well! Fashion Origami will appeal to anyone who loves fashion and dressing up. These folded paper dresses are sure to impress those who appreciate fashion and style.


This modern day kit with the illustrated manual shares step-by-step directions for folding colourful paper into a variety of fashion favourites. One learns how to fold everything from coats and shirts to skirts and dresses. Also covered are instructions for creating fashion accessories like purses, shoes, and headgear. These pretty add-ons can be slipped on the models to enhance the fashion element.


The models can be propped on plastic bases which are also provided in the kit. These origami dresses look stunning on the models standing well poised on the stands. The attire can be mixed and matched and photos of the fashioned models can be shared by budding fashion designers-cum-Origamists with their friends and dear ones.

Origami Fashion Studio

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