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About the Product

This educational aid helps a child to learn facts about music and about different kinds of musical instruments. Using colour coded musical notes on the puzzle pieces, the child is able to put together the musical instruments according to the correct classification.


It is a 36 jigsaw piece puzzle meant for 5-year-old children. As a starting point, children connect the 6 puzzle pieces with the same coloured musical notes to form different groups of musical instruments. These include wind instruments such as trumpet, horn, saxophone, keyboard such as piano, accordion, organ string such as sitar, harp, violin, guitar and percussion instruments which include bongo, drums and tabla.


All the jigsaw pieces have common jigs which offer multi-connectivity enabling other play possibilities. While playing with this puzzle the child will come to know about so many new musical instruments which it was not aware of.


So the puzzle set does not stop short of being an educational aid, it also provided multi- puzzle play options which would hopefully result in the child maturing into who knows, an accomplished one-man band!


Once the child is aware of all these musical instruments, it can venture further to make different genres of music using a select set of musical instruments. Music genres covered in the puzzle set include musical instruments to form a Jazz band, Pop music band, Country music, Rock band, Western and regional classical music orchestras. So the child can put together the instruments for these or even better put together its very own musical band of music instruments.

Orchestra - 36 Self Correcting Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 5 6 7

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