Make your own travel book

Putting together travel memories in a very special and easily accessible folder is a dream come true with this do-it-yourself travelogue. The flip-flops for housing the pictures, the large pocket to keep all the memorabilia like maps, tickets, guides, etc. , the journaling diary for important unforgettable notes and many more other options are duly considered in this stylized travel folder.


Basically this is a customized multi-fold-up scrapbook with an incredible number of convenient storage options. When completed, this simple looking folder on opening unleashes it's mind-boggling capacity to hold so many items in hidden pockets and niches.


Making this impressive catalog is revealed in step-wise instructions .


Also provided are punched cut-outs and tags, pattern paper to cover the bare exposed card sections, square design printed papers to embellish the cover page with Origami models which match with the holiday theme, ribbons, magnetized sheets, writing pad, velcro tape, adhesive glue. Marker, etc. Besides these, you can use your own creativity with the memorabilia collected on the holiday to decorate the catalog. This could be in the form of illustrated maps, entrance tickets, stamps, postcards, pictures of landmarks etc.



My Travel Treasure Book

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