This is a sensational jigsaw puzzle set which can give a multitude of Mandala designs. Each puzzle set can be transformed into a kaleidoscope of different puzzles depending on how you arrange the pieces.

This is made possible because of the uniform triangular jigsaw pieces that connect with one another on any of the 3 sides. This multi-play option - to yield innumerable Mandala designs in different sizes and shapes gives the child a source of endless possibilities.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated, for circle.
A Mandala picture is vibrant , colourful, intricate and reveals new insights of deeper meaning. It represents wholeness - some use it for meditation and others to unlock their creativity.

“It is unimaginable that triangular pieces with just 3 basic design elements can give so many diverse play possibilities!”


SKU: 39160
  • Triangular jigsaw puzzle pieces: 72
  • Segment jigsaw puzzle pieces: 18
  • Illustrated puzzle book for more information





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