Madhubani is a traditional Indian folk art and this Mega kit of 'Make Madhubani Medley' extends the 'Make in India 'slogan to this important and traditional Indian Art theme. This kit conveys this in a manner specially created for a younger target audience. The idea behind this craft is to stimulate the interests of the child in the rich art culture of India and is an introductory exercise in that direction.
The picture templates for Sand art activity use Madhubani motifs which a child can identify with. All the pictures carry decorative double-line borders and semi-detailed interior offering ample scope to express
artistic talent. They have a choice of both: line-work or filling sand in the empty spaces. Once the child
has completed these sand art pictures, it would be a great idea to picture-frame some of them. The
framed art will constantly remind the child of its creative ability, thereby encouraging it in pursuing this
craft to a higher plane.
Also provided are the contents and a book on Papier Mache which will enable the hobbyist to make a Papier Vase, bowls and trays in fantastic Madhubani art designs.
Coasters are an important part of tableware and when your child makes them from start to finish as a handcrafted item, the utility value of the coasters is enhanced. This kit enables a child to make 4 design
coasters from start to finish.
Two sets of illustrated puzzles serve as an inspiration for children as the pictures selected - Sun, fish peacock and natural forms will appeal to them. While solving the puzzles they get to understand the art more closely.
This is a real Madhubani art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience.


SKU: 39626
  1. Newsprint style printed sheets
  2. Binding board cut-outs: 3
  3. Marker pen: 1
  4. Adhesive: 2
  5. White acrylic paint: 1 bottle
  6. Tempera paints: 1 canister of 6 colours
  7. Brush: 1
  8. Moulds: 2
  9. Petroleum jelly: 1 jar
  10. Masking tape: 1
  11. Coloured illustrated puzzle set: 2
  12. Templates depicting Madhubani art form: 4
  13. Sand in assorted colours: 7
  14. Spatula: 1
  15. Papier Mache book: 1
  16. Madhubani Art puzzles Book: 1
  17. Instruction Manual





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