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This greeting card kit has all the material that you would need to make your very own designer greeting cards. Be it a birthday, anniversary, new-born, festival or a get-well-card, you can quickly use the components provided to make as many as 4 cards. Although greeting cards are usually given on these special occasions, you can also make cards for thanks or express other feeling.

Making personal handcrafted greeting cards in your own cool style is really exciting with this crafty composition. To top it all, these will have a longer recall and greater appreciation from your dear recipients!



Make Greeting Cards

SKU: 39623
  • Plain cards: 4
  • Envelopes: 4
  • Printed design sheets: 5
  • Coloured paper: 4
  • Cut-out patterns: 2 sheet
  • Felt pen: 1
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Punched paper: 1 packet
  • Coloured sequins: 1 packet
  • Glitter glue: 1 tube
  • Instruction manual: 1





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