Make your own artistic display

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Let your artistic flair loose with this great multi � activity hobby kit.

You can start by moulding and painting fridge magnets in two different themes. From four fish mould cavities using plaster of Paris you can get a set 4 tropical fish. Using aquamarine colours, paint the fish moulds to get some amazing models. Mount the painted fish on magnet strips and put them up on the refrigerator to get a cool marine look. With the 4 car moulds using the same techniques - get four snazzy car models on the fridge.


Four terracotta mask faces representing the members of a family � parents and children are provided. Paint them in your own style and fix them on the wooden panel using adhesive and lo behold you have made a name plate. Paint out the name letters and put it up on your door to establish your personality in more ways than one!


To cap it up decorate the double photo-frame with shell mosaic designs using adhesive and put up your favourite pictures on this table-top model. The two oval cut-outs can also be decorated with shell designs or painted. Put them in a prominent place in your home.


Make Artistic Displays

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