Make a Dino Pinata
  • Kids Of 6 Years And Above Can Make This Dinosaur Head Craft Item By Following The Instructions Provided. This Simple Craft Activity Helps In Developing The Kid's Concentration And Patience.
  • While Crafting this Dinosaur, The Kid Of This Young Age Develops Fine Motor Skills. As the Kid Gets Older, This Art And Craft Activity Will Help Further Develop The Fine Motor Skills.
  • There Is Also A Great Deal Of Concentration Which Happens As The KId Learns To Dimensions and Spatial Arrangement In This Construction. As The Child Learns These Skills In This Kit, They Can Transfer Them To Other Areas Of Creative Play. The KId Can Enjoy This Dinosaur Craft Activity As It Gains A Sense Of Achievement.
  • To Make this Dinosaur, the Kit Contains Décor Material Such Card Cut-Outs, Mount-Board Pieces, Printed Paper, Corrugated Strips, Coloured Tissue paper,, Adhesive, Cord, Masking Tape And An Illustrated Manual.
  • This Is A Great Gift For Kids Who Love Dinosaurs. Can be used as A Decorative item In Birthday Parties & Also a Great Kids Room Decor

Make a Dino Pinata

SKU: 39779
  1. Body Cutout -2 pcs
  2. Craft Paper - 2 pcs
  3. Crepe Paper - 11 pcs
  4. Black Paper - 1 pcs
  5. White Paper - 1 pcs
  6. Masking Tape - 1 pcs
  7. Cord - 1 pcs
  8. Adhesive - 1 pcs
  9. Instruction Manual - 1 pcs





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