The face ends at the CHIN and curves to meet the NECK which can turn to help see left and right.
The Neck connects the face to the CHEST and the rest of the body-a pair of HANDS and LEGS.
Just below the chest is small WAIST and STOMACH which is always hungry for more.
Behind is a pair of SHOULDERS, the BACK and BOTTOM which needs rest all the time!
The ARMS are long and on either side of the body. They begin at the SHOULDERS to form a pair of ARMPITS.
The arms bend in the middle at the ELBOWS, and go on to the WRISTS and PALMS.
At the end are the ten little FINGERS to help one feel and catch, two of the fattest are the THUMBS. These form the HANDS.
The legs are also long and begin with a pair of strong THIGHS.
They can bend at the KNEES and go on to the fleshy CALVES.
The FEET turn on ANKLES to reveal the HEELS.
Finally at the end of the body are the ten little TOES that sure get around!”

Know Your Body

SKU: 39151
  • 28 x 4 pieces double sided jigsaw puzzles
  • 2 x 1 double sided card pieces
  • puzzle guide inside for more instructions





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