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Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Tara who was known for her collection of exquisite jewelry. These Jewels of Tara were the pride of her kingdom and a source of envy for all other princesses. They would watch her at all the princess parties and grumble at how beautiful she looked in them.


Till one day, these envious princesses could take it no more and stole the Jewels of Tara. And to make sure Tara couldn't get them back, they broke down the jewelry and hid the gems and gold all around a labyrinth filled with snakes and thieves. When Princess Tara realized what had happened, she cried for two days and two nights. And then on the third morning, she emerged from her chamber and sent forth her heralds to devise a game plan to recover the jewelry.


They unveiled a master strategy and announced to the people in the kingdom, �Hear ye! Hear ye! The Jewels of Tara are lost in the labyrinth and she wants you to find them at any cost. Her most trusted jewelers have already entered the labyrinth. Bring the jewels you find to any of them who will certify their authenticity. They will help you fashion and make articles of jewelry for you. Whoever is the first to bring back the best collection of jewelry will be rewarded handsomely....�


The game begins�.




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