Toykraft Traditional DIY kit for children learn Madhubani, Warli & Gond for kids

This kit provides you with a golden opportunity to exercise your creative abilities in Traditional Indian art. The best part about doing this is that you familiarise yourself with the traditional art culture of India by making some very useful and display items. The art and craft media in this pack will enable you to make:

A working Warli design wall clock,

A pair of Madhubani art gift boxes

Two Gond mosaic art terracotta displays.


Among all the Indian Art forms, Warli, Gond and Madhubani are the best fit for children in more ways than one as:

  • The art reveals simplistic thoughts
  • They do not have to understand perspectives
  • One painting reveals many activities
  • Platforms where expressions are more telling then artistry
  • Incorporate simple objects and styles
  • Colour palate is very rich


Indian Folk Art

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