Express your creativity with Greeting cards, not from the ordinary mould but which reveal some fabulous and unexpected surprises.


You can make three Peek-a-boo cards by following the instructions.


These are:

  • Shutter card

  • Circular fold-out card

  • Valentine gate card


The Shutter card has a hidden picture which reveals itself on opening. The card in the shape of a folded quarter opens out into a 3D card with 4 compartments. In the Valentine gate card you open the heart lock to reveal an almost never-ending number of multi-folds.


All the cards offer ample scope for personalisation by Journaling your message and even inserting cut-out messages and photographs.


Send these cards to special people to earn special marvel and admiration.


Hidden Surprises with cards

SKU: 39763
  • Card pre-scored: 11
  • Pattern paper: 10
  • Colour paper: 2
  • Card cut-out (thematic): 6
  • OHP sheet: 1
  • Felt pen: 3
  • Adhesive glue: 1
  • Sheet for Envelope: 3
  • Rubbberised magnet sheet: 2
  • Instruction Manual





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