Make your own greeting cards

About the product

This Card making kit with all the art materials and other stationery is great for a hobbyist who has an artistic streak and wants to further exploit it.


The opportunities in this kit are indeed manifold wherein the artist in you can dabble with a rich brew of tempera, glitter, metallic and acrylic paints. Experiment with mixing the basic shades using the empty canisters to yield a rich spectrum of colours.


As kids we all have played with colours in some or other way but as we grow up we get apprehensive about our artistic talents - here we shall talk about painting techniques on cards that do not require you to be an artist just have fun with colours. These techniques are easy to implement and make unique cards and include Wax Resist Technique, Batik effect, Stenciling, Sponging, Spattering and Masking. The book provided in the kit provides valuable hints on this art.

The budding artist can paint as many 8 personalized greeting cards.


So dig into the paint and use this card making kit to express your artistic talent to the hilt!


Go Arty With Greeting Cards

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