Glass painting madhubani for ages 7 and above

About the product

This kit based on the Madhubani art stimulates the interest of the child in the rich art culture of India. Glass painting is an art form, painted cleverly on the under inside surface and executed with transparent glass colours. The effect is one of stunning clarity and rich colour serving as a connoisseur's delight. The language of the artistic glass painting in India is expressive and lively as seen in the book provided inside the kit. Glass paints miraculously transform the surface into wonderful pieces of art.


When a child makes these coasters from start to finish as a handcrafted item, the utility value of the coasters is enhanced. The completed Madhubani designs are then pasted on the wooden boards - also provided in the kit. You now have a fantastic super set of six crafted coasters!



Glass Painting Madhubani

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