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Let your talent for craft do all the talking with this great multi – activity hobby kit.

This is a fabulous 3 - in - 1 DIY Kit for making 2 vases, 8 tissue paper flowers complete with stem and leaves that look so real that they can be presented in the 2 terracotta vases which also offer painting as an art activity.

You can also make 4 personal handcrafted greeting cards in your own cool style and a presentation gift box embellished with shells in mosaic designs in this really exciting crafty composition.

All the instructions for pursuing this activity are provided in the manual.



Gifts Galore

SKU: 39658
  • Cards: 4
  • Envelope paper: 4
  • Printed design paper: 2
  • Coloured fluted paper: 1
  • Square coloured paper: 6
  • Buttons: 1packet
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Rectangular box: 1
  • Shells assortment: 6
  • Terracotta pots: 2
  • Tissue paper: 30
  • Paint brush: 1
  • Acrylic paint (skin tint): 1
  • Tempera paints: 7 colours
  • Instruction manual





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