About the Product

Finger paint is a special paint intended to be applied with the fingers. It is especially suited for very young children who cannot paint with a brush. Finger painting serves as a perfect launch-pad for them to experiment with colour and as a form of their expression and individuality. Getting their fingers into the paint, mixing colours, learning cause and effect from inside - the pot to outside - on the paper is a thrilling experience for them.


For adults it is an art form of great depth and challenge. Finger painting artists even believe that their spirit flows to their finger tips instilling a part of their soul in each painting!


Finger Painting Kit

SKU: 39430
  • Non-toxic paints in pots – 5 (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and White)
  • Pre-printed templates -18
  • Blank Templates - 4
  • Empty pots for dilution and mixing - 10
  • Spatula - 1
  • Instruction manual





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