Finding Dory - Recycled Craft toys for kids ages 7 and above

About the product

Teaching children about values of reusing and recycling in their formative years is a useful way to turn them into grown -ups who will value nature around them.

Empty egg cartons can be used to recreate the marine environ as seen in 'Finding Dory' in a waterless aquarium of your home. Use them for innovative creativity and fun ideas � to make some really cool and eco-friendly sea creatures such as Dory, Nemo, Hank, Mr Ray, Destiny, Crush and Squirt.


Get your children more excited by giving them an opportunity to put the fish in their natural aquamarine environment. Use the fold-out board cut-out and cover provided in the kit to form water-less aquarium. The fish models are then displayed inside at different levels using a nylon thread.


Create the excitement of 'Finding Dory' within your den with this superb enviro-friendly kit.


Finding Dory - Recycled Craft

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