Finding Dory - Mould & Paint - Fridge Magnets

Extend the excitement of 'Finding Dory' onto your fridge by moulding all the popular characters, painting them and mounting them onto magents.

What fun to have Destiny the white shark, Hank the octopus, Squirt the turtle, Mr Ray the stingray fish and of course - Dory the blue tang fish and Nemo the clown fish - all up for display on the door of your Fridge!

Finding Dory - Mould & Paint - Fridge Magnets

SKU: 39678
  1. Moulds: 6
  2. Tempera paints: 7 colours
  3. Packet Plaster of Paris: 1 packet
  4. Blunt-edged penknife: 1
  5. Adhesive: 1
  6. Paint brush: 1
  7. Instruction manual





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