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About the product

  • This educational aid introduces children to as many as 20 fruits revealing their source- whether grown on trees, bushes, vines and how they appear when they are cut open.
  • The puzzles comprises of as many as 120 jigsaw pieces. This assortment  enables the child to make up a set of all the fruit trees, consisting of four pieces and two more pieces depicting the whole and cut fruit.
  • With the cut pieces children get to see seeds and learn that new trees are formed from these very seeds.
  • Feast on Fruits helps them to understand many fruity facts. Oranges and Apples are grown on trees, strawberry grows on bushes and Melons and grapes grow on vines and many more other fruit trivia....
  • Common jigs allow the child to experiment and play thereby learning more about this topic i.e. putting together seedless, single-seeded or multi-seeded etc.
  • This comes as a treat for the children to know so many fruits and so many things about them - Truly a STEM toy through the multi-level of learning.

Feast On Fruits - 120 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 4 5 6 - Learn All About Fruits

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