Make your own Suprised box

About the product

Exploding boxes are nowhere near as dangerous as they sound! The term is used to describe boxes that have been cunningly created so that the sides cascade outwards to reveal multiple tags where you can put in assorted embellishments when the lid is removed. The Explosion Box takes Scrap-booking to another level and brings in the possibility of gifting to the very near and dear ones.

Made especially for them, your friend or loved one can keep and treasure this card (in a box shape) for years to come. Making the actual box is easy. Most of your time for this project will be spent adding photos and decorating it!

Each page of the box can be covered with patterned paper, covered with a picture or photograph, tagged, journalized or decorated with appropriate messages or stickers.

The sky is the limit for your embellishing.

A surprise item inside the gift box of the explosion will be the icing on the cake for this fabulous creation!

Explosion Box

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